Love brings humanity together. It is the bond the bridges all division. The society you currently live in is full of love.

Love is what wins in the end, and therefore humanity wins. Humanity is love.
Love is humanity. Think of all the times you truly felt hope for the…

Humanity wins. God wins. Everything we think about we bring about. Know that you have the power within.
Do not let them take it from you.

Humanity is going to win, humanity already won. It is time to see the world from a very good place. A place from the…

Humanity is rising. Many are waking up to the light within. People are waking up to the truth. It is becoming a beautiful world.

You are starting to see that as people become more awake and aware, they start to become collectively better within humanity. …

The more you trust life, the better life gets. Through the ups and downs of life, you will see that you always come back to trusting life. The idea is that there are things in life you cannot control. …

Love is not what you expect. It can be something that comes with struggle, patience, and feeling of negativity associated with it.

Love is not what everyone thinks. It is actually very much a vibration of understanding and patience. It is not about being right. …

Trust the process of life

Life will bless you, if you allow it to

Don’t fear

Drop the ego

Drop your insecuity

Drop your need to be right

Let go, shine bright

Let go and trust

Trust in life

You will be liberated

As you live on this earth

You will see you are blessed

Each moment was blessed

Each moment was love

Each moment was peace

The silence was bliss

The memories with others it was all blessed

Everything you saw, experienced, and live on earth was blessed

The moments of truth

The moments of light

The perfection of each second

You lived a blessed life

You came here and learned many things

You learned from everyone

Don’t fret that where your life has gone

It was all beauty each day bright like the sun

The life you lived on earth each moment you captured

Each moment was bliss

Living your best life begins and ends within you. When you focus on your inner world as already being in the space of having your best life, your best life will be made manifest.

As you step into the space of living your best life, you start to influence yourself…

Trust the timing of your life. Know that everything is happening for a purpose and that purpose is to serve you.

Know that whatever it is you are doing in life is what you are choosing to do. Live a life that is true to your authenticity. Become a person that trust that everything always works out for your favor.
Life will send and direct you to where your thoughts are predominant.

Focus on the good in life, and you will always get back good.

Focus on love and you always get back love. Whatever it is you choose to focus on is what you will receive in life.

Trust in life. Trust in the truth about human nature. Trust that everything is happening for your good, because it is.

The ego wants to compete. It wants to win. There are places we should not be in. And yet we find ourselves competing.

Not letting go for the past. The ego wants to hold on. Yet when you let go that is when the glory of God and life starts to unfold.

Letting go of the ego is something we do when we are tired. Tired of the competition and ready to get to the next level for our soul’s journey.

When we finally let go. We let go of the ego, we let go of holding on.

We are free. We are free to simply be our true nature. Which is unconditional love. To be free of ego, is to be free in the soul. That is the greatest freedom of them all.

Bakes Abundant

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